Meet Tracie McBride

555216_10151501511072091_1018094027_n1) What do you do for DMD?

My official title is “associate editor”, but I prefer the term “slush wrangler”.

2) How did you start working for DMD?

I’m not entirely sure . . . I have a vague recollection of Stan Swanson putting out a call for volunteers on some social media site or another, and at some point I must have put my hand up, because here I am, several years later.

3) What do you like most about working with DMD?

So many things! The online company of like-minded people, for one. The joy of discovering gems in the slush pile, for another.

4) Tell us something off-the-wall about yourself.

The most off-the-wall thing about me, when put against my safe, middle-class existence as a wife, mother and part-time teacher aide, is that I write horror.

5) What do you want us to look for?

Ooh! Ooh! Buy my book!
Or if that doesn’t float your boat, buy one of these books!