2014 One-Night Stands Line-Up

Earlier this year we introduced a new short story series called ONE-NIGHT STANDS. ONS stories are writings from 1,000 to 20,000 words published monthly as individual $0.99 eBooks. In 2013 we published great works of fiction by Jacob Haddon, Mark Scioneaux, Tim Waggoner, Jessica McHugh, W.P. Johnson, Araminta Star Matthews, and Anne E. Johnson.

And now, we would like to show you our line-up for 2014. We couldn’t be more thrilled…

one night stands

January – “The Coelacanth Expert” by Garrett Cook

February – “The Water Got Mad” by Randy D. Rubin

March – “Doctor Kevorkian Goes to Heaven” by T. Fox Dunham

April – “Shared Feelings” by Jay Wilburn

May – “The Oracle” by Marta Salek

June – “The Brittle Birds” by Anthony Cowin

July – “Survivor’s Debt” by Paul Anderson

August – “Spider Cheese” by Kristin Dearborn

September – “The Others” by Robert Shane Wilson

October – “Dead Lucky” by Rebecca Fung

November – “Run Murphy Run” by D.M. Anderson

December – “Pressed Lincolns” by Victorya Chase