Chat with Georgina Morales

Georgina Morales_Heidi's Pick SixGeorgina Morales’s story “In the End” appears in Dark Moon Digest 14.

1. What inspired you to write the story that appears in Dark Moon Digest 14?


One day, as I was preparing to write a new story, my mother called me on the phone to tell me one of my uncles had died. He had been sick for a long time. Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he came in and out of hospitals for years. At some point he was declared cancer free, but after a year or two, the cancer came back. That second round was morally devastating to him. He endured many surgeries and pain was something he dealt with on a daily basis. I think he wanted to go, but we were all afraid that my aunt, who is several years older than him, would not survive the grieving process. So he pushed on for her, until his last breath. IN THE END offers a different look at those battling chronic illnesses, at how their love for the living may be stronger than their love for life, at how sometimes there are worse fates than death.

2. What is the best piece of writing advice you have ever been given?


Read all the time, all kinds of books, and keep on writing. Also the classic: Write drunk, edit sober. You can follow that literally, or think more in terms of passion. I’ve heard passion loves vodka, too.


3. What other hobbies do you have?


Reading, of course, but I also love watching TV. Whenever I don’t have a computer or a book between my hands, I have the TV on some kind of documentary. And then there are shows like Supernatural, Paranormal Witness, American Horror Story . . . you see the pattern there, right?


4. The most important question: milk or dark chocolate?


Oh, c’mon! Every self-respecting lover of the night has to have something dark on its drink/food. So I’ll stick to dark chocolate and leave the milk to my kids.


5. Pimp yourself include links.


I recently got my amazon author page: In there you’ll find links to all of my social media, including my blog.


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