Kerry Alan Denney

Kerry Alan Denney is the author of “October’s Children” in Dark Moon Digest 16.

1.  Where do you generally find inspiration and what prompted the story you wrote for Dark Moon Digest?

Inspiration comes to me from all directions, including parallel dimensions and dreams, often assaulting my mind like parasitic spirits determined to impose the history of their otherworldly existence on the inhabitants of this plane in order to show us all that yes, there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. “October’s Children” was inspired by a brisk Autumn breeze in which I heard ethereal voices whispering to me, and by a dream in which, as a teenager, I encountered the diabolical ghosts of several notorious mass murderers and serial killers as they were when they were children. The unique thrill of trick-or-treating and the creepy infamous Lizzie Borden song also played a large role in prompting this creation.

2a.  Who is your favorite modern author?  

A two-way tie between Dean Koontz and James Rollins

2b. And classical?

 Edgar Rice Burroughs, all the way, even if he is not yet considered “classical.” Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, Pellucidar, and Carson of Venus took me to astounding worlds I longed to explore further, and kick-started my vivid, overactive writer’s imagination. Kenneth Robeson, author of the Doc Savage and The Avenger stories, and Maxwell Grant, creator of The Shadow, are a very close second and third.

3.  Are you ever afraid of your own creations?

Absolutely! I creep myself out regularly, because my characters and their various worlds often seem to come from a place outside of my mind and existence as if implanted in my head through external sources such as spirits and inter-dimensional beings. My characters often take on a life of their own as I write them, as if they already exist in this world or a world just around the corner from this plane, and I am merely a scribe vicariously relating their adventures and experiences. Sometimes they wake me up in the dead of night to whisper their stories to me . . . and sometimes they invade my dreams.

4.  Tell us something non-writing related about you.

I have a seven-year-old Golden Retriever named Holly Jolly who is a trained professional Therapy Dog as well as a certified Canine Good Citizen. Holly is loving, gentle, affectionate, playful, and a furry bundle of endless fun. We participate in two local library-sponsored R.E.A.D. programs (Reading Education Assistance Dogs) called Doggie Tales and Read to Rover on three Saturdays a month. We go to the library, sit in the children’s section, and the kids pet the dogs, read to them, and show them picture books if they don’t know how to read yet. The program encourages reading and improving reading comprehension skills as well as helps children overcome their natural trepidation and fear of dogs, and teaches them how to properly approach and acquaint themselves with strange dogs. We also visit a local retirement/ assisted living home, and are constantly looking for other places and events in which her unique love is desperately needed. Holly is a big hit with the kids—young and old—like a furry rock star minus the rad shades and leather regalia!


5.  Linky links

SOULSNATCHER (Lazy Day Publishing, April 2014 – I got a very positive blurb/ endorsement from NY Times bestselling author James Rollins!),, Amazon Author Central, Goodreads Author Page, Twitter, Facebook, Shelfari, Old Coot, Something in the Air, A Clatter of Hooves, Author’s Den, Red Room, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords

 Make sure to pick up a copy of Dark Moon Digest 16 to read Kerry’s creep tale!

13 thoughts on “Kerry Alan Denney”

  1. Thank you, Lori, for posting and sharing my interview! You and Dark Moon Digest are spectacular and awesome. I look forward to more volumes of Dark Moon Digest, and the possibility of sharing more of my creepy short stories. Readers, check out my links above for more of my short stories, and my novel SOULSNATCHER, which is getting rave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Thanks again, Lori!

  2. I read SoulSnatcher and was fascinated by it. Loved the characters – and I’m glad to read that your creepy characters scare you sometimes, too, Kerry. You’ve created some that haunt my dreams as well.

  3. I Kerry Denney’s story, October’s Children and loved it, even though I’m not usually a SciFi fan. I’ve also read Kerry’s book, Soulsnatcher, and it won me over. His character development is beyond good, and the story pulls you in from the beginning and holds you tight. He’s one of my favorite writers, and I hope he continues writing for a long time!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Lynda, and for your fabulous SOULSNATCHER customer review and editorial blurb! Yes, I’ll be writing until I keel over for the last time… or until the spirits whispering in my mind come to take me away… 🙂

  4. Kerry and I are members of the same writers’ critique group. I can vouch for his wild imagination and super-creative talent. But he’s also a real professional when it comes to writing and he keeps us all straight. It’s been a pleasure watching his talent bloom (although like a deadly nightshade creepy kind of plant and NOT a daffodil). Kerry, does that period go inside the parentheses or out?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Lorraine, as well as for your awesome customer review for SOULSNATCHER on Amazon… and the stylish compliment! You got the period right: Outside the parenthesis if the parenthetical piece is a subordinate clause of a longer sentence that is not enclosed by parentheses; inside the parenthesis if the entire sentence is parenthetical. Woo-hoo!

  5. What an imaginative and fascinating short story that was… October’s Children. As I read the final paragraph, I thought to myself… where on Earth does this guy come up with these twisted and disturbing concepts? Your interview has intimated what I had suspected from the outset. They’re coming from beyond this planet! All joking aside, Kerry Denney has a unique literary approach to drawing his audience into the suspense and mayhem that he creates. “The Reality Bender” as he has been described by his fans and peers, delivers yet another surreal and intriguing work; a compelling fiction that is bound to conjure nightmares!

    1. Thanks, Mike, for your complimentary comment, and for your stellar review on Amazon for SOULSNATCHER. I’ll keep on working on causing those tantalizing nightmares, lol.

  6. A wonderful interview, Kerry. Everything I suspected about you is true – you are haunted, and in a delightfully splendid way. I have not read your book yet, but it is on my list. Having just recently gotten to know you, I love reading how your mind works and the voices in your head. A true writer for sure with a captivating way with words. What a contrast with Holly Jolly and your work with the children at the Library. The reality bender has many sides, all of which make up a talented and special human being that communicates with all parts of the universe.

    1. Hi, Barbara, thanks so much for your comment and sharing your thoughts… and thank you as well for all the wonderful things you do for our furry friends!

      Being the genuine “Superheroine” dog lover that you are, I encourage you to read my short story OLD COOT, a tale (or tail?) about a remarkable therapy dog. Would love to hear your thoughts on it. It’s about 2,000 words, 6 pages, and I’ve gotten rave responses to it so far… although I’ve been told you should have a box of tissues at hand when you read it. The link is above in “#5: Linky links”.

      Thanks again… Holly Jolly sez “Woof!” 🙂

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