Gabriella Stalker

Snapshot_20130712_7Gabriella Stalker is the author of “Stitches” in Dark Moon Digest 16.

1.  Where do you generally find inspiration and what prompted the story you wrote for Dark Moon Digest?

I have written more dystopian stories than horror, and my formula for writing those is exaggerating societal issues I see. They are kind of horror in their own way, since writing them is how I put my true fear down on paper.

The inspiration for “Stitches” is much more fun though. A few years ago, I was hand-sewing a stuffed animal as a gift for a friend (a unicorn, actually) and listening to a lot of creepypasta narrations to stay entertained. Several nights of that somehow planted the idea of a misunderstood seamstress using her talents in, um, an interesting fashion.

2.  Who is your favorite modern author?  And classical?

I really enjoy Jodi Picoult and Poppy Z. Brite, who might as well be complete opposites in terms of content, but are equally as thrilling to read. As far as classical goes, I am loving my journey through the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe.

Are you ever afraid of your own creations?

Yes. I got chills writing the last few scenes to “Stitches” and had to shake them off so I could finish it. Editing it wasn’t any easier!

4.  Tell us something non-writing related about you.

I am kind of really into Viking-themed death metal.

5.  Linky links

Make sure to check out Gabriella’s story in Dark Moon Digest 16 today.

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