An Interview with Author Shanda Vogel

Shanda Vogel is the author of “Killers” In Dark Moon Digest 17.

1. What was the very first story you ever wrote, and what happened to it?

The first story I ever wrote was more like fan-fic than original fiction. I was inspired by the Castlevania video games when I was little and came up with my own story for the lore. Over the years it developed into an original idea, changing entirely from what it was. I am still working on it to this day, though it has become a completely new animal.

2. What is the scariest thing that ever happened to you on Halloween?

I went to a haunted house once. For the most part it was dull and obvious, but still fun. In one room though, I was caught completely off guard by a ghoul who was up on stilts blending into the wall. He actually terrified me and it was wonderful.

3. What are your future plans for writing?

Currently I am working on a novel series, and I hope to have the first installment done in the next year or so. When I am satisfied with it I will seek a publisher, and hopefully start a career in fiction writing.

4. Tell us something really off-the-wall non-writing related about you.

I love to make props and costumes, then cosplay at comic book conventions as my favorite characters.

Make sure to look for Shanda’s story in your copy of Dark Moon Digest 17!