An Interview with Author Don Katnik

KatnikDon Katnik is the author of the creepy tale “5 O’Clock Shadow” in Dark Moon Digest 17.

1. What was the very first story you ever wrote, and what happened to it?

I wrote “The Kid and I” in eighth grade. It was circulated among friends, one whose mother taught college English and said my dialog was realistic. It was never published anywhere. I probably still have a copy but no desire to read it—I recall it being too cliché and melodramatic. It was a building block.

2. What is the scariest thing that ever happened to you on Halloween?

At a trick-or-treat house, a man had dressed as a mummy and was standing against the garage, which we had to pass to get to the front door. He stood completely still so we thought the mummy was a dummy. While we were busy getting candy he followed us up the walkway, which was lined with shrubs. When we turned and saw him, we tried to escape but the only way was past him or through the shrubs. Their shrubs and our costumes took quite a beating.

3. What are your future plans for writing?

I will continue to work on short stories until I have an idea good enough to try a novel. I seem to average one story per year.

4. Tell us something really off-the-wall non-writing related about you.

I have five brothers and no sisters. This seems to impress people and I guess it did shape my experiences growing up (meaning I am even more clueless about women than most men are).

5. Linky Links 6366 (vol. 23/50, winter 2014)

Make sure to pick up a copy of Dark Moon Digest 17 to read Don’s tale for yourself!