Meet Justin Guleserian

Yup, Justin appeared in previous issues of Dark Moon stuff, but is the author of “Devlin Manor” in Dark Moon Digest 18!

1. What was the idea behind the story you wrote for DMD 18?

I was reading a book called True Stories from The Great Ghost Hunter Elliot O’Donnell, which discussed how banshees are thought to follow family bloodlines. And I wondered what might happen if two bloodlines, each with its own banshee, mingled.

2. How do you get writing again when you have a block?

I read.

3.  Do you write with music? If yes, what do you typically listen to?

I don’t write with music. I listen to music after learning that my story is being published in DMD #18. And I dance.

4.  Besides writing, what else do you like to do with your life?

I have a life?

5.  Links, links, links


Make sure to get a copy of Dark Moon Digest 18 to not only read Justin’s story, but to see the fantastic artwork his friend drew for it!