Vic Kerry

Vic KerryVic Kerry is the author of “Another Lost Boy” in Dark Moon Digest 18!

1. What was the idea behind the story you wrote for DMD 18?

 “Another Lost Boy” came about because I imagined someone running into a mirror. Plus, I had wanted to write a story set in a mirror maze, which I consider very creepy.

 2. How do you get writing again when you have a block?

 I don’t really do anything when I’m blocked. I find that if I try to force it; nothing happens. I usually spend time reading creepy list on Listverse or searching for strange news articles until things break loose.

 3. Do you write with music? If yes, what do you typically listen to?

 Oh yes, I definitely use music. I have several different playlists. I have one called horror writing which is a gobblygook of songs ranging from the themes for Halloween and Profondo Rosso  to Elton John. Then I have other lists. I recently finished writing a novel set in the 1990s so I have a writing playlist of nothing but songs from then, mostly alternative. The songs themselves are very important. It’s mostly to silence the hush in my writing spaces.

 4. Besides writing, what else do you like to do with your life?

 Outside of my job and domestic duties, writing is the only thing I do.

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Make sure to pick up a copy of Dark Moon Digest 18 to read Vic’s insane story today!