Gerry Griffiths

Yep. Gerry has been a long time Dark Moon Digest and Dark Eclipse author. Most recently, his story, “First Date”, appeared in Dark Moon Digest 18.

1. What was the idea behind the story you wrote for DMD 18?

Probably the most traumatic thing besides public speaking is going out on a First Date. That whole thing is scary enough. But what if your date has something sinister up his sleeve? I like the idea of a simply prank that goes horribly wrong.

2. How do you get writing again when you have a block?

I wish I knew as I am experiencing it now. Some stories seem to write themselves while others suddenly hit a brick wall. I like to know how the story will end then it’s just a matter of getting there. It’s when I haven’t decided on an ending when I first start writing the story that I get myself into trouble. Don’t worry I’m getting my mojo back as we speak.

3. Do you write with music? If yes, what do you typically listen to?

Music is too much of a distraction and I can’t think clearly. I like it quiet, though I do find it rather soothing listening to my dogs snoring while I write.

4. Besides writing, what else do you like to do with your life?

As my wife and I have five rescue dogs and a cat, we keep busy. Life is good.

5. Links, links, links

Next time you’re browsing Amazon for some fun reading look me up (Gerry Griffiths) on my Author Central page.


Make sure to get a copy of Dark Moon Digest 18 today to read Gerry’s latest creation!