Reality by Vivian Kasley

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bloody heart photo
Photo by ” Ajnagraphy ” (János Csongor Kerekes)

You chain my body and restrain me

putting my mind in a state of uncertainty.

You watch as I struggle to become free.

I pull hard, my eyes closed, my teeth clenched.

Blow away my life piece by piece,

ripping my memories corners at a time

as I watch bound to your platform.

You watch with fury, because even though I’m weak I do not give in.

Painfully I still grip reality,

slipping in and out trying not to lose it.

It’s like a slow drip of a drug into my body.

Finally I loosen my grip and succumb

sinking into a darkness and silently seeing everything,

but unable to prevent it.

Now my body lay feeling riddled with your bullets and weights

as you take over.