E. F. Schraeder

E.F. Schrader is the author of “The Evidence” in Dark Moon Digest 19.

1. Do you ever have dreams that give you ideas for a story?

Well, unfortunately (or fortunately) yes I do. LOL.

2. Do you read works similar to your writing or do you enjoy an entirely different genre when you read for fun?

I read avidly in the genre (confessions of a childhood horror junkie). I also read a lot outside the genre: nonfiction, classics, sci-fi, comics. Everything. I seriously dig returning to an old favorite book, indulging a contemporary poetry habit, and picking up current journals.

3. What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Usually I’m hanging out with a house full of rescued critters (dogs, cats) or pretty much finding a reason to be outside, preferably where there are trees, some kind of water, and very little human noise.

4. Where do you do your best writing?

The ugliest, comfiest chair available.

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Make sure to pick up a copy of Dark Moon Digest 19 today to read her creepy tale.