DW Gillespie

DW PicMeet D.W. Gillespie is the author of “Bride of Spiders” in Dark Moon Digest 19.

1. Do you ever have dreams that give you ideas for a story?

From time to time. My debut novel, which hits next year, was inspired by a dream. Usually, it’s the images, not the story, that I pick up from dreams. Just little bits of things, something disturbing or fantastic, and sometimes that’s all it takes to get a story rolling forward. For that reason, I love to dream. Even bad ones have good stuff that you can sift through.

2. Do you read works similar to your writing or do you enjoy an entirely different genre when you read for fun?

I read all across the board. I mostly write dark fiction, and I love to read it too, but there’s more out there. Reading all kinds of fiction and non-fiction gives you a wider pool to draw from.

3. What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I spend a lot of time with my wife and kids, and I get plenty of inspiration from them. I also love playing video games. Growing up with games is actually a big part of why I write. Back then, the stories and graphics were so simple, that I would end up creating the stories in my head, wondering who the characters were, filling in the blanks as I went along. If people had any idea how many hours of my life were spent daydreaming as a kid . . .

4. Where do you do your best writing?

Well, I’ve got two young kids, so the vast majority of my writing happens on my lunch breaks . . . in my truck . . . in an abandoned parking lot. Believe me, it’s even less romantic than it sounds.

But the good news is, writing can happen anywhere.

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