Stalker by Gerry Griffiths

Someone’s staring

Quite unexpected

Somewhat daring

And unsuspected


An innocent glance

A stare averted

A lurid observance

Perhaps perverted


Last call

The bar is closing

Outside, rainfall

The night imposing


The hour is late

As you stride for home

Tempting fate

As you foolishly roam


Footsteps in the dark

Don’t look back

Entering the park

Fearing an attack


You quicken your pace

Afraid to turn

Coming face-to-face

With something nocturne

Hot breath on the neck

An adrenaline rush

Caress of a killer’s peck

Ending with a hush


You stumble and fall

Cry out in the night

Your back to the wall

As he gives you a fright


Your heart pounds

When he reaches out

With no one around

To hear you shout


Eyes bloodshot

Stinking of beer

A very sorry sot

Grinning ear to ear


And you, very much alone

As he says, “Excuse me, Miss?”

Then hands you your phone

“I do believe you left this.”