Matthew S. Batham

Matthew Batham appeared in Dark Moon Digest 19 with his story “Bitter Pill”.

1. Do you ever have dreams that give you ideas for a story?

I love my dreams, even the horrible ones. Especially the horrible ones. Dreams have definitely influenced or inspired a number of my stories. One called “Shift” was based almost entirely on a dream I had about a friend of mine taking me down a Soho side road and then turning into a hideous vampire in front of me. The friend, Gael, is actually very non-aggressive!

2. Do you read works similar to your writing or do you enjoy an entirely different genre when you read for fun?

I try and read across a number of genres. My favourite writers include Neil Gaiman and Joe Hill, but I also read a lot of non-genre fiction including Donna Tartt, Somerset Maugham and Graham Greene. Probably my favourite novel is To Kill a Mocking Bird. That book is as close to perfection as you can get.

3. What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Read, watch films—I’m a big fan of British horrors of the 1970s, particularly those from the Amicus studios. I live near Hampstead Heath in London so I love to walk there and sometimes sit with a book under a tree near one of the ponds. I also spend a lot of time with my inspirational nephews—Sid, who is a talented singer/songwriter and musician and Oli who is a brilliant writer already at the age of 19. And I love food, not as much as I love my nephews, but it comes close. Eating out is probably my favourite pass time.

4. Where do you do your best writing?

I generally write on my lap top in my living room—I live in Tufnell Park, quite an historic residential area in central London so the view from the window can be inspirational. Trains are also often conducive to writing, assuming I remember to take a note pad or an ipad to scribble on.

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