Meet Andy Kaufman’s Dying Son in T. Fox Dunham’s New Surreal Road Trip Novel

And now, a message from T. Fox Dunham about his upcoming novel, Destroying the Tangible Illusion of Reality; or, Searching for Andy Kaufman:

11050100_10208169073693953_5662624255436516111_nThese are the most important words I’ve written, and if you don’t listen, your life is an illusion. I was the tenth person in the world to be diagnosed with composite lymphoma—a rare combination of large cell lymphoma and hodgkins. The survival rate didn’t exist. I came through it. I don’t know how. Friends tell me it’s amazing I did. No. It’s just some shit that happened to me. Chemo wrecked my body, then daily radiation for five months to my head, neck and chest devoured me slowly. People never ask me what dying was like. They don’t want to know. People live in the false pretense that they are immortal. Death happens to people on the news.

This book is what it felt like to die.

I bonded to Andy Kaufman in spirit because he shattered the illusion of reality, though losing himself as he did. Reality is a construct, created by humans to give value to a system, to provide meaning to their lives. When you’re dying, meaning drains out of much of it, and you realize you created and fed into forces like fear.

Love is real. When I was burned down to nothing, a stub of my life, all I had left was love.

With the time I’d been granted, I recovered, trapped in bed or on a couch, my body destroyed. And I wrote. I composed short stories and eventually found publishers. I wrote The Street Martyr, a crime novel about poverty, and it will be a movie from Throughline Films. Mercy is coming out from Blood Bound Books—a horror hospital novel about the violation of modern medicine to the body and soul. I’ve contributed a story to Stargate Book’s Far Horizon’s II, adding to the Atlantis saga. I’m a modern bard, a shaman who uses my words to heal. This summer, I married the woman of my dreams, Allison, and she has given me a future. A few weeks ago, I was diagnosed with the return of my cancer, and anon I will need treatment again, probably surgery and radiation. It will never be gone.

Read this and understand death so you can know how to live.

Cover art by Luke Spooner.

Destroying the Tangible Illusion of Reality; or, Searching for Andy Kaufman will be released on November 26th. We encourage you all to pre-order a paperback now and support the destruction of everything you think is real.

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In this surreal road novel, Anthony searches for the father he’s never met: Andy Kaufman, the legendary song-and-dance man from the ‘70s. There’s a few problems here, of course. A) Andy Kaufman died in 1984, and B) Thanks to a recent cancer diagnosis, Anthony doesn’t have much longer to live, either. However, new evidence has come to light that questions whether or not Kaufman is actually dead. Could he be in hiding, after all these years? Anthony is determined to discover the truth before his own clock runs out. During his travels, he will encounter shameless medicine men, grifters, Walmart shoppers, the ghosts of Elvis and Warhol, and the Devil himself.