PMMP Launches Patreon and Begs For Your Sofa Money

Oh hi there. It’s your friendly neighborhood publisher, Max Booth EyeEyeEye. First off, look at our new website! Isn’t it fancy? No? Well, it’s certainly fancier than our last face. Progress! Hooray!

Not only did we give ourselves a new look, but–if you’re the type to pay attention to titles of articles you’re reading–we’ve also launched a new Patreon account. What does that mean? you might be asking. Are you going to be begging us for money now? you’re absolutely asking, presumably while judgmentally shaking your head.

Well, not really begging. And before you ask, no, PMMP isn’t going anywhere if you don’t pledge. Although if you do pledge, we will automatically think you are a cool person, and really, what else could you ask for in life?

Well, actually, you could also ask for a cheap, kickass subscription to our quarterly horror magazine, Dark Moon Digest. Go ahead, goat head, and ask, because that is totally something we’re offering as a perk for pledging just one dollar a month. ONE DOLLAR!

Now you may be asking, Max, have you lost your mind? Are you that desperate?

You know damn well both of those questions have the same answer.

So, hey, here’s that nifty Patreon link again. If you can spare any couch change–or, hey, here’s an idea: maybe stop buying diapers for your baby and just wrap it in dumpster newspapers like normal people. Who cares? The baby isn’t going to complain, and now you’ll have extra money to support something that actually matters: us! PMMP. Panhandling Motion Machine Publishing? Sure, why not.