Barnes & Noble Recommends LOST SIGNALS to Keep You Terrified Until Halloween

Sam Reader over at the Barnes & Noble blog has written a new article titled “9 New Horror Books to Keep You Terrified Until Halloween”, and it’s full of great recommendations, including Laird Barron’s Swift to Chase (a personal favorite of mine) and, of course, our very own horror anthology, Lost SignalsThis was an unexpected and wonderful surprise, and we are grateful for the support.

This is what B&N had to say about Lost Signals:

There’s something inherently ethereal about the radio…especially when a station fades in and out in a whispering of static, or when you find something late at night that sounds bizarre and barely in focus, arcane and disturbing (half the time it’s Coast to Coast or the local fire and brimstone preacher, but still.) Lost Signals is an anthology featuring the best in weird, dark fiction centered around radio broadcasts, number stations, and other unusual signals in the dark. Highlights include Matthew M. Bartlett writing in his excellent Leeds, MA universe, late-night AM radio evangelism, and a story about an alarm for people buried alive in cemeteries—all of it perfect for nights when everything’s quiet and the mind drifts to stranger places on the dial.

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