DARK MOON DIGEST #25 Now Available to Give to Unsuspecting Children Halloween Night

Or, really, any night, if we’re being honest. Here at the PMMP office, we highly encourage giving our magazine away to random children you encounter throughout your day. It’s good for you, for the kids, and—most importantly—for our bank account.

It’s almost Halloween, which means the sixth anniversary issue of Dark Moon Digest is now available.


In this issue, child labor takes a surreal, horrific turn; the survivor of a traumatic school massacre applies for a job; a midwife might know more than she’s letting on; a cursed belt makes a reappearance with deadly consequences; a weird video store clerk takes a child under his wing and introduces him to the finer points of horror films; a man and a hitchhiker play a game of Truth or Dare; and an orchard’s rumored dangers might not entirely be fictional.

Fiction by Andrew Novak, Hannah Lackoff, Sarah Al-saad, Douglas Ford, Jack Bantry, Robert Essig, Rebecca J. Allred, and Melissa Clare Wright. Also in this issue: non-fiction by Michael David Wilson, Jay Wilburn, and a review of The Shallows.

Here’s how you can purchase Issue #25:

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