End of the Year Sale 2016: Six Titles 99c

As we wave middle fingers and Molotov cocktails at the end of 2016, we salute this galactic fuckwad of a year by offering six of our titles for 99c until the end of 01/01/17.


And those six titles are…IN THE IMAGE ABOVE!

But also, here they are, with links!


Jessica McHugh’s The Train Derails in Boston – http://a.co/780en8i

Kristopher Triana’s The Ruin Season – http://a.co/idzmqze

Bob Pastorella’s Mojo Rising – http://a.co/7meG5Qx

T. Fox Dunham’s Searching for Andy Kaufman – http://a.co/4IViknB

David James Keaton’s Stealing Propeller Hats from the Dead – http://a.co/hvazhoo

Vincenzo Bilof’s Vampire Strippers from Saturn – http://a.co/j2IfGfp


So there you go. Six books! That should hold you over for, like, a week or two or three. Just enough for your pre-ordered copy of John C. Foster’s Baby Powder and Other Terrifying Substances to arrive. And you did pre-order that, right?