Baby Powder is here!!

From the author of Dead Men and Mister White, John C. Foster continues his odyssey through the horror genre with his debut story collection. Within these pages, you will board a train to Detroit on a route littered with the darkest monstrosities the mind can imagine (“Highballing Through Gehenna”); a man avenges his father’s murder in a series of violent mobster slayings (“Burial Suit”); a mute ventriloquist and his chattery dummy seek a therapist (“Talk to Leo”); future soldiers summon forth an ancient evil to battle an alien menace (“The Willing”); body smugglers crash land on a world where sinister trees feed on flesh (“Meat”); an interrogation takes a strange, psychedelic turn (“Girl Six”); a special agent investigates a potential alien invasion (“Red”); the undead infiltrate the Whiskey-A-Go-Go (“Dead on the Sunset Strip”); a man is hired by a nefarious agency to witness prison executions around the country (“A Lamb to Slaughter”); and a pair of paranormal scam artists suffer when they confront true evil (“Baby Powder”).

“John Foster doesn’t write horror stories—he writes terror stories, the kind that get under your skin and stay there. Crack open Baby Powder and prepare for a lot of sleepless nights!”

—Nicholas Kaufmann, author of In The Shadow Of The Axe

“From the powerfully disturbing opening tale of body horror writ large to the tour-de-force Weird novella that gives the book its name, John C. Foster’s Baby Powder and Other Terrifying Substances is a swaggering collection, one punch to the solar plexus after another—the cumulative effect leaves the reader reeling, but wide-eyed with awe and admiration. Foster stalks the motley precincts of horror and plants bloody black flags on every corner. Relentless, smart, gorgeously written, and brimming with black humor, this is a standout collection and a welcome counterpoint to quiet horror. It’s a stunner.”

—Matthew M. Bartlett, author of Creeping Waves

“Baby Powder and Other Terrifying Substances serves up thrilling tales for fans of horror and more! John Foster has written a tour-de-force collection of powerhouse genre short stories. You’ll come for the expert prose in the espionage stories like “Girl Six” Foster is known for but will stick around for zombies and ghost hunters of “Dead on the Sunset Strip” and “Baby Powder”. Foster also delivers a trio of science fiction/horror stories which delighted me to no end and show the deep reservoir of Foster’s imagination and skill. Highly recommended!”

—Daniel Braum, author of The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales

“John C. Foster adds to the current Weird Fiction Renaissance with Baby Powder and Other Terrifying Substances, a tough-as-nails collection of short stories that deftly explore elements of cosmicism, science fiction horror, creepshow bizarre, unholy retribution, human cruelty, and post-apocalyptic blight with a trim, almost Noir flare and a thoughtful eye. Foster is not just one to read, he’s one to watch, as the secret is out and the ascent is on.”

—T.E. Grau, author of The Nameless Dark and They Don’t Come Home Anymore

“A single John Foster story has enough chills to freeze a tub of water. An entire book jammed full of them can freeze the Hudson River as solid as an airport runway. He packs dread and foreboding into everything he writes, so much that you’re almost afraid to turn the page, but you damn well know you will. If you read only one single author collection this year, Baby Powder should be it.”

—Shane Douglas Keene, Shotgun Logic

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