Tune in to Castle Rock Radio

We’ve been talking about this for a couple weeks now in the newsletter and on good ol’ social media, but the time has finally come! PMMP has launched a brand spankin’ new podcast about Stephen King called Castle Rock Radio, hosted by your buddies Max Booth and Lori Michelle. Every week (or maybe every other week?) we’ll be recording a new conversation about a novel, TV show, movie, or short story associated with the legend himself. Sometimes we’ll have guests! Sometimes we will not. Who knows!

The first episode is now officially available on iTunes n’ such. If you could pull it up and subscribe, that’d be awesome. But also: down below there’s a direct link if you’re listening on a computer or you don’t own an Apple product.

In episode one, we talk about the insane story, “The Lawnmower Man”! And you bet your sweet beautiful butt we’re also bringing up that weird lawsuit associated with it. Strap on tight, baby, because this is Castle Rock Radio…