On April 8th, we’ll be selling books all day at the San Antonio Lit Fest. To celebrate, we’re releasing not one but two new titles this week: Andrew Hilbert’s psychedelic comedy, Invasion of the Weirdos, and Betty Rocksteady’s mega-creepy novella, Like Jagged Teeth. If you’ve already pre-ordered them from our webstore, then your copies are in the process of being shipped right now. If you haven’t, well then we have a treat for you below. Take a gander at the following two covers. If they don’t make you excited in awkward places, I don’t know what to tell you.


The guys following her home are bad enough, but when Jacalyn’s Poppa comes to the rescue, things only get worse. After all, he’s been dead for six years. There’s no time to be relieved, because when she ends up back at Poppa’s new apartment, nothing feels right. The food here doesn’t taste how food should taste. The doors don’t work how doors are supposed to work. And something’s not right with Poppa. Guilt and sickness spiral Jacalyn into a nightmarish new reality of Lynchian hallucinations and grotesque body horror.

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After getting kicked out of his anarchist art collective for defending McDonald’s, Ephraim develops an idea to create a robot/vending machine with the ability to hug children. He is no roboticist, but through dumb luck manages to hook up with a genius—a like-minded individual who also happens to be the last living Neanderthal. Meanwhile, a former personal assassin for a former president is fired from the CIA for sexual misconduct with a couple of blow-up dolls. He becomes determined to return to the government’s good graces by infiltrating Ephraim’s anarchist art collective in the hopes that they are actually terrorists. What follows is a bizarre, psychedelic journey that could only take place in the heart of Austin, Texas.

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