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(210) 573-7796

For Customers:

Questions about an order? Eager to send fan-mail? Curious if you’ve finally cracked the “apocalypse code” hidden in every PMMP title? Email us at

For Retailers:

Here at the PMMP office, we absolutely adore bookstores—especially bookstores that keep PMMP titles in stock. Are you involved with a retailer interested in ordering our books? Great news! If you were closer, we’d offer a very intimate hug. Please contact us at and we’ll talk shop. A full catalogue of previous and upcoming publications is available upon request.

For Reviewers/Interviewers:

Are you a reviewer interested in one of our titles? If so, hi! We love you. Please email us at and let us know which title you’re hoping to review. Please include the review venue (Amazon, website, personal blog, etc) and which file you prefer (Paperback, mobi, epub, pdf), and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Interested in interviewing one of our authors? Hit us up at and we’ll get you in touch with somebody.

For Publishers:

Want a book you’ve published reviewed? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? If you’d like us to consider reviewing your book on our blog and/or Dark Moon Digest, please email us at (include REVIEW REQUEST–BOOK TITLE in the subject line) and tell us a little bit about the book. Don’t send us the actual book until you receive our permission. You have to pitch it to us first. We receive a lot of review requests, and we only accept a limited amount per month, so don’t freak out if we pass. Also, we currently only review paperbacks and mobi files, so don’t bother contacting us if you only have a pdf (everybody at the PMMP office will laugh at you and delete the email).

For Writers:

If you’re interested in writing for Perpetual Motion Machine, check out the PMMP Submittable page to see what we are currently accepting. If you’re interested in writing for Dark Moon Digest, take a gander at the DMD Submittable page, which is always open.

All other general inquiries can be made by emailing us at or filling out the contact form below.

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