The PMMP Team

gordian-knot-big-silvertest1 copyPerpetual Motion Machine Publishing is a small press based in San Antonio, TX. It was founded in 2012 by Max Booth III and Lori Michelle. We tend to publish dark speculative fiction but have been known to branch out into other genres, if the story is right. We pride ourselves on quality, rather than quantity.

But why such a long name? Why Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing?

Long answer: we love what we do and we never want to stop. We love underdogs, and what’s a bigger underdog than the perpetual motion machine? It is defined as “a machine that can continue to do work indefinitely without drawing energy from some external source; impossible under the law of conservation of energy”. Impossible, according to all the odds. But at the PMMP office, we like to say screw the odds. Our goal is to continue producing kickass fiction until the sun comes crashing down upon us all.

Short answer: Max was listening to this song while trying to think of a name.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Here’s the PMMP team.




Max Booth III is the editor in chief of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing and the assistant editor of Dark Moon Digest. His debut novel, Toxicity, will be released Spring 2014 by Post Mortem Press.

TWITTER: @GiveMeYourTeeth




Lori was born in Los Angeles, CA where she was raised to be a ballerina. After injuring herself before her career could begin, she turned her creative efforts elsewhere. Now she resides in San Antonio Texas, where she is the wearer of many hats: a mother of two, a full time bookkeeper and IT tech for a real estate company, dance studio owner, a graphic designer, and, on occasion, a vermillion tiara.  If that wasn’t enough, she is also the managing editor of Dark Moon Digest Horror Quarterly and Dark Eclipse monthly e-magazine.

When not talking about writing stories, sometimes Lori actually writes short stories, novels, half finished novels and poems. She actually managed to finish one and her novel Dual Harvest is now available.  And while pretending to work, she creates websites and designs business cards on the side. She also enjoys peanut butter on her waffles. Don’t ask. Or ask, she will answer.

TWITTER: @AuthorLMichelle




Anna DeVine writes poetry, short stories, memoirs, and novels. She also teaches poetry and philosophy to stray dreamers and blind fools. Those are her words, and this is her voice.




Garrett Cook is an author and editor of Horror, Bizarro, Dark Fantasy and Neopulp fiction. His books include Murderland (coming this August), Archelon Ranch, Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective and the upcoming Time Pimp. His fiction has been reprinted in The Decade’s Best Bizarro Fiction and has appeared in anthologies alongside such authors as Michael Moorcock and Joe Lansdale. He is the editor of Imperial Youth Review and is available for freelance editing services. Check out for more information.




Jay Wilburn is a public school teacher by day and weaves dark words by night. He intends to add sleep to his life as soon as possible. He lives with his wife and two sons in beautiful Conway, South Carolina on the Atlantic coast of the southern United States. He has written a number of horror and speculative fiction pieces in a wide range of genera. His first novel is Loose Ends: A Zombie Novel. He is a regular columnist for Dark Eclipse and Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.

TWITTER: @AmongTheZombies



T. Fox Dunham exploded onto the community of authors. He’s littered the world with his fiction and articles with a mission to disturb the universe. He suffered a rare lymphoma in his adolescence, a cell-type of blood cancer that no patient had ever survived, and just to vex his doctors and the powers that be, he went ahead and survived it. Enduring the heavy chemo treatments and radiation, he came through the other side torn to shreds and wild—the mad bard who no longer dwells under the many delusions, the fears with which people fetter themselves.

The Fox is his totem spirit, and he follows the path of a modern bard—a kind of druid or celtic shaman. A Bard works through art to renew, empower and heal. A Bard dances the ‘tween places, the boundaries between worlds and makes spiritual journeys into the otherworld seeking to heal or find knowledge, wisdom. Also the goals of his writing.

You can find his stories in myriad publications online and in print, and many of his stories are coming out in future anthologies. He is known for his horror and zombie stories, but he also writes coeval in other genres. He’s author of the dark steampunk series called Ragtime, and many of his stories serve as a catharsis for his experience with cancer, to assuage the pain of the loved ones he lost. His work is often described as unique, outside-of-the-box and haunting, and it’s his hope that through his writing he’ll wreck civilization as we know it.

TWITTER: @TFoxDunham



Renee Prive is thoroughly baffled to find herself on a staff listing of PMMP Publishing, wondering why anyone would enlist the help of a professional baby wrangler to read new works.  Called by Max Booth III the “Leatherface of Editing”, she has amended that to include “Leatherface of Editing: She Who Wields the Fearsome Legendary All-Seeing Blue Pencil of Doom”.  She has been the official (unofficial) proofreader for the great T. Fox Dunham for several years now, much to his surprise, and claims that this was all Fox’s idea.   However, she had so much fun proofing his work that she wanted to do even more and now she can’t stop proofing her own bio. An emerging professional opera singer by night, who works with developmentally delayed infants and toddlers during the day, Renee wears so many sparkly bejeweled hats she forgets where her head is. But her heart is in Bethlehem where she lives with her husband Jon and her adorably lesbian parakeets Lucy and Ethel.