The PMMP Team

maxlogogreen on white solid

Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing is a small press based in San Antonio, TX. It was founded in 2012 by Max Booth III and Lori Michelle. We tend to publish dark speculative fiction but have been known to branch out into other genres, if the story is right.

But why such a long name? Why Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing?

Long answer: we love what we do and we never want to stop. We love underdogs, and what’s a bigger underdog than the perpetual motion machine? It is defined as “a machine that can continue to do work indefinitely without drawing energy from some external source; impossible under the law of conservation of energy”. Impossible, according to all the odds. But at the PMMP office, we like to say screw the odds. Our goal is to continue producing kickass fiction until the sun comes crashing down upon us all.

Short answer: Max was listening to this song while trying to think of a name.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Here’s the PMMP team:

Max Booth III – Editor-in-Chief

Lori Michelle – CFO/Design

‘Anna DeVine – Acquisitions

Jennifer Word – Copy Editor

George C. Cotronis – Artist

Matthew Revert – Artist

Luke Spooner – Artist