Best of Dark Eclipse Volume 2


Publication Date: December 2014

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Dark Eclipse was once Dark Moon Digest’s monthly e-magazine. This commemorative version contains the editors’ choices for the best articles, poems, and stories in the last 20 issues.


The Television Made Me Do It by Anthony Cowin

Jamie’s Chair by Chris Barnham

Semblance of the Tortured God by Matthew J. Barbour

Victim by Kyle Trujillo

The Memory Thief by Michael Thomas-Knight

137 Revolutions by Franz Bidinger III

Mr Herwig’s Secret by Tim Jeffreys

Roads by Amanda Crum

Last Man Standing by Carl Alves

Teppan-Yucky by Robert Essig

The Devils of Cain Island by Kris Ashton

Life or Death by Gerry Griffiths

Mr. Yum Yum by M.G. Allen

Eye Contact by April Williams

The Clinic by Matthew Weber

The Diamond by Tiffany Turpin Johnson

The Serial Killer’s Wife by Samantha Combs


The Book by Mathias Jansson

The Wayward Christ Fish by Vincenzo Bilof

Light and Shadow by A.J. Huffman

Curious? by Jennifer Ruth Jackson

Face, Body and Soul by Vivian Raffeala Kasley

I Fly with the Crows by Christopher Hivner

Thirst by Anna Cheung

Diary Page Found Under Some Leaves by Rick Powell


Thank You Letter by Lori Michelle

Bits of the Dead by Jay Wilburn

That Stuff Will Rot Your Brain by Kurt Reichenbaugh


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