Best of Dark Eclipse


Special Issue of Dark Eclipse

Publication Date: April 2013

Pages: 98

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Dark Eclipse was once Dark Moon Digest’s monthly e-magazine. This commemorative version contains the editors’ choices for the best articles, poems, and stories in the first 18 issues.


“How Many More Times” by Martin Keller
“The People Under the Bridge” by Tim Jeffreys
“The Watchman” by Frances Augusta Hogg
“Homebody” by Ramona Gardea
“Monster” by Jackie Pierson
“Infected” by Jordan Drew
“Open Book” by Shaun Meeks
“Operation Relay” by Jay Wilburn
“Growing Up” by Tim Waggoner
“Finders Keepers” by Rob Smales
“The Schoolhouse” by Daniel Flaherty
“Cleaning the Basement” by Gerry Griffiths
“I Dare You” by Sean M. Davis
“Love” by HC Hsu
“Demons” by Kenneth Whitfield
“The Gun” by Lori Michelle
“The Executioner’s Son” by W.P. Johnson

Columns, Articles and Reviews

“Bits of the Dead: Proto Zombie Fan” by Jay Wilburn
“The Chimerical Dark: Cold and Silent” by Sean M. Davis
“Weaponology: Flame Thrower” by Jennifer Word
“What Do You Do with a Captured Alien” by Manny Frishberg
“Methods of Doomsday” by Nicholas Paschall
“Book Review: The Third Pulpster Clark Ashton Smith” reviewed by Kurt Reichenbaugh
“The Cellar Door: Doppelgangers are Dicks” by Max Booth III


“Dark Delirium” by Hitcher
“Eternal Plain” by John Hawkhead
“Death Gaze” by Max Booth III
“The Heady Heights of Harietta Morgan” by Nathan J.D.L. Rowark
“Even Zombies Cry” by David DuBose
“Violated” by Jack Ivey


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