Dark Moon Digest 10


Publication Date: January 2013

Pages: 120

ISBN: 978-0-9885569-1-1

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“Death is an Asshole” by Christopher Hivner
“Tangled, Blue” by S.L. Schmitz
“Fin” by Rose Blackthorn
“Norman Rockwell is Dead” by Alan Zielinski
“The Itch” by Jessica Rushing
“Dr. Fulsom’s Experiment” by P.G. Harvey
“Death Takes the Phantom” by Michael Arruda
“Big Bad” by Jack Maddox
“Rapture” by Chris Castle
“Crocodile Rot” by Lydia Peever
“Ripe” by Alice Edward
“Simon Dunn: Former-Zombie” by Steven Jenkins
“Be Careful What You Wish For” by Suzie Lockhart
“Florida at Night” by KC Redding
“The Letter” by Andy Rigley
“Ash” by Rick Allden


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