Dark Moon Digest 4


Publication Date: July, 2011

Pages: 114

ISBN: 978-0-9834335-0-7

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“The Last Sane Man” by George Lea
“What the Cat Dragged In” by Charles Nathan Capasso
“Sirens” by C. W. LaSart
“Dark Laughter” by Ross Willard
“The Yard Hag of Brewick” by Christopher Leppek & Emanuel Isler
“Night Draws Near” by Kevin McClintock
“To Talk of Many Things” by E. K. Coughlin
“Dreadful Penny” by Charlie Fish
“They Won’t Get Us” by T. J. Reed
“First Day on the Job” by Graham Williams
“Golden Amelia” by Frances Augusta Hogg
“Billie Mae’s Homemade Biscuits” by Dave Freeman
Tenants: A Serial Novella Part Three by Kevin McClintock


Chattering Bones by Manny Frishberg


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