Dark Moon Digest 6


Publication Date: January 2012

Pages: 132

ISBN: 978-0-9834335-7-6

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“The Sown” by Nicholas Keller
“The Ferryman” by CL Raven
“Hole Ridden” by Sarah Ahiers
“Hypnotized” by LS Murphy
“The Bag, The Darkness” by Max Booth III
“Sinners and Sunshine” by Marshall Taylor
“Vengeance of the Unseen” by CD Carter
“The Circus Freak” by Nick Wheeler
“Number 48” by Bronte Olson
“Somatoform Purgatory” by E. Magill
“The Talk” by Lori Michelle
“Reds” by Adam Stehly
“The Third Prisoner” by James Dorr
The Warehouse Part I by Araminta Star Matthews


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