Dark Moon Digest 7


Publication Date: April 2012

Pages: 144

ISBN: 978-0-9850290-2-9

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“Hope” by P. G. Harvey
“The Last Room” by David Dunwoody
“You’ve Been a Friend” by Frank Stascik
“Nasty Things” by Kevin McClintock
“Skin” by James Dorr
“Best Offer” by Vic Kerry
“Angels Looking Out For Us” by Jay Wilburn
“Commandment Eleven” by Hunter Shea
“Deep With Voices Crying” by Steve Jenkins
“River” by Rick Allden
“Suburban Hell” by Max Booth III
“The Scavengers” by Jeff Beres
“Parts” by Hope Sullivan-McMickle
“Beer vs. Zombies” by Kevin James Breaux
“Reunion” by Lee F. Jordan
“The Boy” by Stan Swanson
“The Better to See You With” by Magnolia Erdelac with Edward M. Erdelac
The Warehouse Part 2 by Araminta Star Matthews


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