Dark Moon Digest 9


Publication Date: September 2012

Pages: 126

ISBN: 978-0-9850290-1-2

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“Burning Ambition” by Steven Jenkins
“Wolf in Chains” by Dustin Walker
“Daddy’s Girl” by Jay Wilburn
“The Oubliette” by Viktor James Night
“The Terrible, Vast Pyre of Chief Machinist Kirlisoveyitch” by Rachel A. Brune
“End of the World” by Gerry Griffiths
“Furies’ Progeny” by Tony Peak
“Tell Me a Story, Daddy” by Lou Treleaven
“Orbital Decay” by Kevin McClintock
“Corporate Responsibility” by Andrew Hall
“Everybody Needs a Hobby” by Nicholas Paschall
“There’s No Such Thing as Monsters” by T.J. Reed
“The Beasts Behind the Firewall” by Rachel Schuetz
“When the Moon Hangs Fat” by CJ Waller

The Warehouse Part 4 by Araminta Star Matthews


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