Dark Moon Digest 23


Edited by Lori Michelle and Max Booth III

Publication Date: April 1, 2016

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Hum by Evan Kells
Mea Culpa by Tom Breen
Opposite Day by Henry Talsman
A Home-Cooked Meal by Grant Wamack
They Were Pale and They Came Out of the West by David Antrobus
Rebound by Brendan Vidito
Don’t Listen to the Doctor in the Dungeon by Patrick Moody
A Dream Realized by William Cook
High Striker by Hank Bieber
The Night Wire classic short story by H.F. Arnold
An Excerpt from Mojo Rising by Bob Pastorella


Bits of the Dead by Jay Wilburn
The Things We Love Make Us Horrible People by Vincenzo Bilof


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