Long Distance Drunks: A Tribute to Charles Bukowski


Publication Date: March 2014

ISBN: 978-0986059445

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Table of Contents:

  1. [Introduction] Finding the Truth After 20 Years of Madness by Victor Paul Alvarez
  2. The Killers by Eli Wilde
  3. Heavenly Cure for a Dripping Cock by T. Fox Dunham
  4. A Scarecrow, Unlabeled by William Barker
  5. Shackjob by Brett Williams­
  6. Something from a Bad Night in a Bad Month in Philly ‘06 by Jonathan Balog
  7. The Market-Frankford Line by Jonathan Balog
  8. Drowning Butterfly by Gabino Iglesias
  9. Desires Are Nourished by Delays by Craig Wallwork
  10. Zero by S. MacLeod
  11. Without Face by Michael Bailey
  12. Behind the Bar by Will Viharo
  13. The Other Kind of Workshop by Jacob Haddon
  14. Misanthropy by Teri Louise Kelly
  15. Sensitive Boys by Joe Clifford
  16. Turk and Taylor by Tom Pitts
  17. A Corndog for the Almighty God by John Mitchel
  18. 4 Ditties Involving Skiff by Kyle Hemmings
  19. Every Few Months in the Obituaries by Justin Hyde
  20. The Ten Month Drunk by Jay Wilburn
  21. The Meat Man by Vincenzo Bilof
  22. Herniated Roots by Richard Thomas
  23. Bukowski by Justin Hyde


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