Mojo Rising


By Bob Pastorella

ISBN: 978-1-943720-05-7

Cover Art: Dyer Wilk

Release Date: March 22, 2016


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A new drug called Mojo is tearing through Southeast Texas, directly competing with Juney’s own product. What starts as a minor annoyance quickly spirals into something much more serious once Juney discovers his cook murdered and his brother mysteriously missing, the Mojo trademark left at the crime scene. Mojo Rising is a strange trip through a world of thugs and junkies, hallucinations and apocalypses. Some doors you walk through, you can’t come back in.


“If you’re looking for a pulpy fast-paced southern-fried sleazed-out hard-boiled blast of bad drugs and weird crime, Mojo Rising’s got you covered in spades. Just go easy on the Mojo, alright? You open up the doors of perception, you never know who (or what) might break on through.”

—Jeremy Robert Johnson,
author of Skullcrack City

Mojo Rising is strange, engaging, and a hell of a lot of fun. Pastorella’s voice and his willingness to get weird propel us through this fast-moving tale of meth, violence, and lizards.”

—J David Osborne,
author of Black Gum

“Pastorella’s prose unfurls with the ease of slow cooked meat sliding off the bone in Mojo Rising, a platter full of southern fried noir described with a native’s unflinching eye to detail. Equal parts gritty and psychedelic, it’s a story of lost people and fluid reality running through their fingers like poisoned sand. Pastorella delivers the goods, if you’ve got the guts for the journey.”

—John C. Foster,
author of Dead Men

Mojo Rising is a surreal, violent, Southern gothic addiction, set to a soundtrack by The Doors, luring you out into a rippling darkness from which you may not ever return.”

—Richard Thomas,
author of Disintegration and Breaker

“A frenetic thrill-ride channeling the spirit of Jim Morrison. Mojo Rising is the bastard lovechild of Jeremy Robert Johnson, Jim Thompson and William S. Burroughs.”

—Michael David Wilson,
This is Horror

Mojo Rising is fierce, fast, slightly surreal, and violent. Pastorella has channeled the Lizard King and Hunter S. Thompson to deliver a narrative that constantly goes where most contemporary crime fiction fears to walk. This is literature that turns up the volume and smokes a cigarette while cooking meth.”

—Gabino Iglesias
author of Zero Saints

“Born in the gutters of Southeast Texas, Mojo Rising is white trash pulp noir with a surreal splash of the really fucking weird. Best when paired with a fifth of Night Train and a pack of Lucky Strikes. Mojo Rising is solid proof that Bob Pastorella can write his ass off and if you haven’t read his work, you should fix that. Soon.”

—Shotgun Logic

“Bob Pastorella’s Mojo Rising reads like something Jim Thompson and Ralph Bakshi decided to collaborate on after drinking Mad Dog 20/20 to treat a case of tetanus. Mojo Rising’s unconventional ‘hero’ starts out low and keeps getting lower to save his skin and his job in the rural meth trade, and somehow he’s still sympathetic. In this weird noir Pastorella paints a great portrait of a man we shouldn’t care about, but do.”

—Bracken MacLeod,
author of Mountain Home and Stranded

Bob Pastorella is the author of the Zombie/Western short story, ‘To Watch Is Madness’, and is featured in Warmed And Bound, a Velvet Anthology, the Booked. Anthology, In Search of a City: Los Angeles in 1000 Words, Borderlands 6, and numerous other publications online and in print. Bob is a columnist, reviewer, and guest podcast co-host for This Is Horror. He lives in Southeast Texas and is currently working on a Weird Crime series.


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