Author: Kurt Reichenbaugh

Release Date: April 2013

ISBN: 978-0988748835

Pages: 286

Cover Art: Matthew Revert

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The Place: The Gulf coast of Florida The Time: Just another Saturday night, sometime in the middle of that decade we call the 70s, when Disco was queen and shows like Charlie’s Angels and Happy Days reigned on television.

But there are no angels, happy days or dancing queens for four bored friends, Kevin, Brad, Nick and Otto, who go looking for action on a sweltering Saturday night and instead get themselves involved in murder. A murder that spins them into a twisted web of vengeful rednecks, psychotic cheerleaders, a missing flying saucer, a hybrid creature on four legs, a sadistic ghoul or two, and one lethal bad-ass babe in a leopard-skin bikini who just might give our friends more action then they’d ever dreamed of.

Take a sweltering mix of swamp noir, drive-in grind house, sex and rock n’ roll seventies style, and you’ve got what SIRENS is all about.


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