by Joe McKinney

Cover by George Cotronis

Hardbound ISBN: 978-1-943720-13-2 $34.95

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-943720-12-5  $18.95

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From Texas to Alaska, Joe McKinney’s collection of nightmares will leave you mesmerized and frightened to the very core. Prepare yourself for a tour of the macabre: Police investigating the supernatural! Vampires trying to survive under the monstrosity of man! The spirits of the dead demanding vengeance! Novelists suffering from a little bit more than just writers’ block! All of that and more in this spine-chilling, terrifying tome of horror!

Table of Contents

A Little Crimson Stain



Ghost Town

Oh Fuck, It’s the Cops

She Grew a Pair

Sky of Brass, Land of Iron

Tenochtitlan Will Rise

The Night Visitor

The Greatest Gift of All

Pete’s Big Break

The Shed

Writing for Exposure

Mr. Creator

Among Men

Burning Finger Man

The Woman Who Collected McCammon

Dodging Bullets

Acclimation Package

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