The Ruin Season


By Kristopher Triana

ISBN: 978-1-943720-07-1

Cover Art: Matthew Revert

Release Date: June 23, 2016


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The Ruin Season bristles and lurches powerfully with lust and dope, violence and satanic music, but make no mistake, it’s a runaway train whose engine is pure heart, and Kristopher Triana keeps it on the tracks just long enough to give you hope that the little engine can. Makes it hurt true. Hell of a crash.”

—Jedidiah Ayres, author of Peckerwood

“I’ve written that a way to judge the health of a genre is to gauge the number of emerging young, good writers. Kristopher Triana is one of the newest bumper crop of good ones. I read a couple of his short stories after meeting him at the recent StokerCon. His prose is excellent, his plots compelling. The Ruin Season has these same qualities. Kris has the Write Stuff. Check out a rising star.”

—Gene O’Neill, author of The Cal Wild Chronicles and Entangled Soul with Chris Marrs

The Ruin Season is like the literary equivalent of Springsteen’s classic Nebraska. It’s a book with a stripped back feel, brooding with raw emotion and atmosphere where Triana allows his characters to bare their souls and bleed onto every page.”

—Adrian Shotbolt, BeavistheBookhead

Jake Leonard has more than his share of trouble.

He’s close to forty now and still suffers from bipolar disorder and the painful memories of the psychotic episodes that derailed his life and sent him behind bars as a youth. He lives in the rural south where he spends his days breaking horses and his nights training dogs in solitude. His nineteen-year-old girlfriend, Nikki, is the daughter of the sheriff, and she’s just getting worse with drugs, alcohol and satanic metal, eventually leading into heroin and low-budget porn. When Jake reconnects with his ex-wife, things get even more complicated, and the limits of love and sanity get pushed to the breaking point.

The Ruin Season is a haunting, violent tale of a mentally ill man struggling in a violent and heartless world. It is the story of unrequited love, mad rage, and bloody revenge. It moves forward in the dark style of gritty southern gothic novels, in the tradition of Larry Brown, Harry Crews, Daniel Woodrell, Cormac McCarthy and Flannery O’Conner. It shows both the tender and horrible sides of insanity as well as the seedy underbelly of the American, backwoods suburbs.

Kristopher Triana is an American author and screenwriter.


As a child Kris wrote short stories and by the time he was fourteen he’d written his first (albeit poor) horror novel and passed it around school. By eighteen he was attending writing conventions, obsessed with perfecting his craft, and now he is an accomplished author and member of the Horror Writer’s Association.

His short story collection, Growing Dark, is now available from Blue Juice Press. Rue Morgue Magazine said: “Growing Dark is Kristopher Triana’s love letter to everything dark and spooky, whether it be nods to ’80s horror movies or demon-haunted canyons… his knack for imagery makes this short story collection a must read.” His novel, The Ruin Season, will be published by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing in the summer of 2016. Also look for his extreme horror novel, Body Art, which will be released later in 2016 by Blood Bound Books. Most recently his short story “Dog Years” appeared in Selfies from the End of the World by Mad Scientist Journal and his short story “Dead End” was selected by Comet Press as one of 2015’s Best Hardcore Horror Stories. His short fiction appeared in the extreme horror anthology D.O.A. II, alongside such genre heavyweights as Jack Ketchum and Wrath James White. Other anthologies he’s been featured in include Chilling Horror Short StoriesThe Ghost Is the Machine, Wretched Moments, How the West Was Wicked, and Zombie Jesus and other True Stories to name a few. On top of anthology work he has been published in magazines and online, including Spinetingler Magazine and Halloween Forevermore, and some of his work has been translated into Russian. He is an obsessive cult film collector and all around horror fanatic who savors old western novels and binge watches All in the Family.

Triana works as a professional dog trainer and lives in North Carolina with his wife.


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