The Violators


By Vincenzo Bilof

ISBN: 9781943720026

Pages: 260

Cover Art: Dyer Wilk

Release Date: March 01, 2016

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Alan Chambers, an anxious loser whose goal is to become a prominent English professor, has just been accepted into the exclusive class on The Artistry of Contemporary Literature. His excitement is dampened when he learns that his new classmates are dedicated to human violation in the name of art. They have given Alan one responsibility—destroy them.

These literary violators have discovered a primal link between literature, art, sexuality, and murder. But rape and kidnapping as a means to analyze the works of James Joyce and Homer have lost their allure, and only Alan can save them from themselves.

A novel that transcends genre tropes while serving as a satirical commentary on contemporary fiction, David Lynch meets William S. Burroughs in this lucid postmodern nightmare.


“This book should be packaged with a warning label. It’s brutal, it’s disgusting, it’s full of gratuitous sex and violence, and it’s beautiful. I don’t remember what I expected going into this, but it wouldn’t have mattered. No one has ever expected anything that happens in this book. With The Violators, Vincenzo Bilof doesn’t just push the envelope; he tears it into bloody chunks and decorates the walls with its entrails.” — Shotgun Logic

“Vincenzo Bilof is going to make a lot of enemies with this novel. The Violators is about people raping, killing and brutalizing one another for inspiration, so it is bound to elicit some violent reactions on social media. Obviously, debauchery and violence are not Vincenzo Bilof’s endgame. The Violators uses provocation to test the line between reality and fiction and make a statement about creative freedom: art doesn’t need boundaries. It doesn’t have to imitate life. Sometimes art is just art.  The only ones it ever had were imposed by morality and human censorship. I don’t expect that many people to make it far enough into the novel to realize this because we live in a puritanical utopia where it’s cool to condemn things publicly to enhance your social status. What I’m saying here is that The Violators is bound to be purposefully misunderstood because of its brash nature, but its very purpose is to shock you into a different state of consciousness.” — Dead End Follies

The Violators is a novel that destroys everything you’ve been taught about art and literature. Bilof’s style is at times almost schizophrenic and even nonsensical.” — Slap Happy Fun Time

“I particularly didn’t find the plot appealing although I liked the writing style. DNF the book at 35%.” — Lectus, Goodreads reviewer

“I read just a few chapters and I couldn’t keep reading it. I found the story so strange and crazy.” Cristina, Goodreads reviewer

“After the first chapter, I no longer have any interest in reading this book.” — Annie Smith


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