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Big News!

After five years of life, Stan Swanson of Dark Moon Books and Dark Moon Digest has sold the majority of his share of the digest to Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. It is unclear yet what the future will hold for Dark Moon Books, but Perpetual Motion Machine will now be […]

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Meet Suzie & Bruce Lockhart

1) What do you do for DMD? We are both Associate Editors for DMD. We sort through and rate submissions for both DMD and DE. 2) How did you start working for DMD? After a few of our stories were published with DM, Lori Michelle began teaching us the editing […]

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Dark Moon Digest 12

“Dolly” by Grant Matthew Frazier “A Girl and Her Cat” by Erin K. Coughlin “Catch You Later” by Arthur Carey “Danse Macabre” by Kaitlyn Travis “Immunity” by Jason Cramblett “Imaginary Friend” by Samantha Combs “Resonance” by Aric Sundquist

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