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Fear II: The Worm by Kyle Trujillo

Horror is a worm, slick and surely tunneling down to the core of your mind. The worm takes many paths, holds many faces, and is of many breeds, but the shape of its trail remains the same. The nest it makes becomes the size you allow for it, and fills […]

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The Business of Defilement by George Lea

I’m perpetually fascinated by the metaphysical potential of horror, that is; it’s capacity to allow us to explore certain facets of our own abstract selves and operation. What distinguishes horror from most other genres is that it takes a perverse, almost sadomasochistic delight in exposing the stuff that we would […]

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Fear by Kyle Trujillo

Horror is not a creature of space crafts and cemeteries. Horror is not the product of blood and savagery. Surely there is a fear to be found among ghouls and lairs, but greater terror belongs to the simple objects of our lives. Pure horror is the mundane made awful. Given […]

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