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Poppy Z. Brite Returns to Fiction with LAST WISH

Fiction Review: “Last Wish & The Gulf” by Poppy Z. Brite Reviewed by George Lea It’s always somewhat ambiguous, when a writer you’ve admired and been informed by so intimately returns to writing after a long hiatus. In the case of Billy Martin (writing here, as before, as Poppy Z. Brite), […]

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Confessional by George Lea

Faint but sharp; frost on the breeze, welcome after the sweltering Hell of Summer. He tried to avoid the attentions of other walkers; consciously emitting an aura of raw repulsion; a black cloud that swarmed around him like flies around a corpse. It worked, for the most part, those few […]

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Meet George Lea

1) What do you do for DMD? Author and editor. 2) How did you start working for DMD? My short story, “The Last Sane Man,” was published in Dark Moon Digest during a period when DMB/DMD was looking for editors. I applied and made the cut.

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