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The Fear is Real: LOST SIGNALS is Now Available!

This is not a drill. You feel that overwhelming sense of dread consuming you whole? That’s real, baby. Our latest horror anthology, Lost Signals, is finally available. Available to be read, to be consumed, to be ripped up and burned in a dark basement somewhere in a cabin in the […]

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Release Day: TRUTH OR DARE? (shared-world Halloween anthology)

Our last 2014 release is now available for purchase just in time for some delicious Halloween fun. Truth or Dare? is a shared-world horror anthology featuring the morbid writings of many prominent authors in the field today, as well as quite a few new kids on the block you’re gonna […]

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Review of The Holy Bible, Compiled by Executive Editor Emperor Constantine and the Associate Editors of the Council of Nicaea and the Council of Trent

“Review of The Holy Bible horror anthology compiled by executive editor Emperor Constantine and the associate editors of the Council of Nicaea and the Council of Trent. The work has been republished by a number of companies based in Nashville, Tennessee.” by Jay Wilburn *** The Holy Bible is a […]

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