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Meet Richard Schiver

Richard Schiver is the author of “Skin”, a most interesting erotic horror story in Dark Moon Digest 14. 1. What inspired you to write the story that appears in Dark Moon Digest 14? My natural suspicion of the people around us. I mean they could be aliens, or creatures from […]

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Barking Mad? A Dialogue with Author Tracie McBride…

David AET, Dark Moon Digest: Last Writes Blog (DMD): Issue 2 of Dark Moon Digest is where we find your story ‘Barking,’ I must say it has a pretty unusual voice; the narrator is at once aggressive, disturbing and also pleading for help it seems- where did this originate?- it […]

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First Issue of Dark Moon Digest is Now Available

If you don’t own a nightlight, maybe now’s the time to invest in one. That’s because the first issue of Dark Moon Digest – The Horror Fiction Quarterly is finally here. Dark Moon Books is proud to present this new and exciting publication geared toward horror fans and authors alike. […]

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