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Meet Lindsey Goddard

Lindsey Goddard, author of “Invitation Only” in Dark Moon Digest 18 and lovely mistress of the macabre answers a few questions. 1. What was the idea behind the story you wrote for DMD 18? I was thinking about children with behavioral problems who are often labeled “bad” kids. I thought […]

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Prodding the Serpent by George Lea

When I tell people what I write, they are often surprised. “Oh,” the more polite ones respond, “Oh . . . that’s interesting.” The inference, of course, being: “You write that stuff? I didn’t think you’d be into that . . . ” The “stuff” in question being the horrific, […]

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Get to know Tiffany Turpin Johnson

Tiffany Turpin Johnson is the author of “The Other Twin”, a very macabre story about siblings. 1. What inspired you to write the story that appears in Dark Moon Digest 14? Oh man, I don’t even want to answer this one. I am so far from the man in that […]

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