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DW Gillespie

Meet D.W. Gillespie is the author of “Bride of Spiders” in Dark Moon Digest 19. 1. Do you ever have dreams that give you ideas for a story? From time to time. My debut novel, which hits next year, was inspired by a dream. Usually, it’s the images, not the […]

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Bill Morrow

Bill Morrow is the author of “Legs”, the creepy opening story for Dark Moon Digest 16. 1.  Where do you generally find inspiration and what prompted the story you wrote for Dark Moon Digest? There are spectral antennae sprouting from my brain, which pick up true stories transmitted from an […]

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Devilish Diane Arrelle

Diane is the author of “Weaving Tangled Webs”, a story about an abused woman and her fear of spiders. Diane Arrelle, the pen name of Dina Leacock, sold more than 150 short stories and has 2 published books. When not writing she is a senior citizen center director. She resides […]

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