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Max and Dylan Watch THE SHALLOWS and Debate Proper Shark-Killing Tactics

Lori’s nine-year-old son, Dylan, fucking loves Jaws. The dude hums the theme song as he sits on the toilet. He pretends our dumb fat dachshund is a shark whenever he’s prowling through the house searching for dropped food. He obsesses over Let’s Play YouTube videos of Jaws/Minecraft mashup games. So […]

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DARK MOON DIGEST #25 Now Available to Give to Unsuspecting Children Halloween Night

Or, really, any night, if we’re being honest. Here at the PMMP office, we highly encourage giving our magazine away to random children you encounter throughout your day. It’s good for you, for the kids, and—most importantly—for our bank account. It’s almost Halloween, which means the sixth anniversary issue of Dark […]

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